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36” My 1st Trampoline with Handle


Features and Specifics

  • Padded handlebar for added balance and stability to the user
  • Patented T-weld leg design for added stability
  • Rust resistant galvanized steel tube frames
  • A printed jump mat center target helps the jumper reference the location of the safe center jump zone
  • The durable UV resistant Polyethylene enclosure netting, tested to double the ASTM safety standard, surrounds the trampoline while keeping the user on the mat and visible.
  •  30 Springs for that high bounce with low impact landing
  • Padded spring cover
  • Weight capacity: 200 pounds
  • Meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards



  • Instruction manual 
  • Spring loading tool for easier product setup


36" Round


Safety First
The Bouncepro 36” trampoline is made with the customer in mind. Our philosophy is if we wouldn’t trust our products with our own loved ones why would we produce them for yours. With safety always our top priority, this trampoline set features rust-resistant galvanized steel, materials that have been UV treated to over double the ASTM standard, and an integrated design to provide extra stability and support.


Safety pad
The poles are padded for added protection and safety while both inside and outside. In addition each pole has its own pole cap to secure the padding.


Trampoline enclosure
The enclosure net that surrounds the trampoline is perfect for keeping kids and adults safely inside for hours of jumping fun. The zipper enclosure also ensures that there is resistance and tension for the entire net surrounding the trampoline.

36” My 1st Trampoline with Handle

  • The 36” My 1st Trampoline with Handle (Blue,Green,Pink,Purple) is the perfect beginner trampoline for boys and girls of all ages. It comes with a foam padded handle bar for added comfort and stability to the user, galvanized rust resistant steel tubes and UV resistant jump mat.  In addition, it is small and easy to store away in between uses. My first trampoline meets or exceeds all ASTM Safety Standards, because Sportspower believes in making only quality products that our customers deserve.

  • Sportspower USA

    Walmart (Coming Soon)

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