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Sportspower Products may be covered by the following U.S. and International patents: 


Air Closure U.S Pat. No. 6,679,811 

Trampoline System U.S. Pat. No. 6,923,744

Lighted Trampoline U.S. Pat. No. 7,297,089

Adjustable Trampoline Pad U.S Pat. No. 7,494,445

Trampoline Swing U.S Pat. No. 7,909,738

Balloon Inflating Trampoline U.S Pat. No. 8,371,991
Flash Spinner Trampoline U.S. Pat. No. 8,734,297
Trampoline Game U.S. Pat. No. 8,585,558
Trampoline Game U.S. Pat. No. 8,764,611 

Trampoline Enclosure Net U.S Pat. No. 8,905,898

Glove Gun U.S. Pat. No. 9,301,562
Trampoline Enclosure And Pad System U.S. Pat. No. 9,682,264

Trampoline Basketball Goal U.S. Pat. No. 9,084,908 

Trampoline Swingset Suspension U.S Pat. No. 9,132,307

Bouncer Swing U.S. Pat. No. 9,1684,61

Trampoline Court with Pulldown Springs U.S Pat. No. 9,446,274

Trampoline Basketball Court U.S Pat. No. 9,480,896

Nozzle Assembly U.S Pat. No. 9,486,659

Trampoline Enclosure And Pad System U.S Pat. No. 9,682,264

Composite Trampoline Enclosure System U.S Pat. No. 9,687,719

Trampoline Anchor U.S Pat. No. 9,855,452

Trampoline Frame Joint U.S Pat. No. 10,010,736

In Pool Trampoline U.S Pat. No. 10,039,948

Trampoline Anchor U.S Pat. No. 10,039,948

Corrugated Trampoline Frame Tube U.S Pat. No. 10,092,787

 Battle Zone Trampoline Game U.S Pat. No. 10,124,200

 Spring Enclosed Trampoline U.S Pat. No. 10,188,888

Hexagonal Trampoline U.S Pat. No. D653,299

Inflatable Trampoline Pad with Enclosure U.S. Pat. No. D717,899

Combination Trampoline and Swing U.S Pat. No. D718,827

Trampoline U.S. Pat. No. D785,117 

Trampoline Frame U.S. Pat. No. D788,242 

​Water Anchor U.S Pat. No. ​D794,535

Trampoline U.S Pat. No. D796,614

Triangular Trampoline U.S Pat. No. D799,625

Trampoline Frame U.S Pat. No. D799,626

Small Trampoline U.S Pat. No. D805,595

Bowl Shaped Trampoline U.S. Pat. No. D813,968 

Trampoline U.S. Pat. No. D818,071 

Angled Bend Trampoline Enclosure U.S. Pat. No. D822,781



Trampoline Game China Pat. No. ZL201120515735.X

Flash Spinner Trampoline China Pat. No. ZL201320485883.0

Nozzle Assembly China Pat. No.  203598406U

Torsion Spring Trampoline China Pat. No. 104043224A

Trampoline Swingset Suspension China Pat. No. 203591588U

Trampoline Court China Pat. No. 205460631U

Trampoline Anchor China Pat. No. 205434784U

Composite Trampoline Enclosure System China Pat. No.  205460630U

Trampoline China Pat. No. ZL201630143573.X

Trampoline China Pat. No. ZL201630143574.4

Water Anchor China Pat. No. ZL201630143575.9

Trampoline Frame China Pat. No. ZL201630143576.3

Trampoline Frame Joint China Pat. No. ZL201620440766.6

Trampoline Basketball Court China Pat. No. ZL201520193694.5

Trampoline Basketball Goal China Pat. No. 201520148769.8

Corrugated Trampoline Frame Tube China Pat. No. ZL201621425984.9

Fold Down Trampoline China Pat. No. ZL201621456081.7

Suspended Target Game China Pat. No. ZL201621456841.4

Arch Basketball Trampoline Support China Pat. No. ZL201621426835.4

Monster Trampoline China Pat. No. ZL201630533084.5

Trampoline China Pat. No. ZL201621395083.X

Triangular Trampoline China Pat. No. ZL201630538079.3

Spinner Swing China Pat. No. ZL201621395686.X

Small Trampoline China Pat. No. ZL201730159990.8

Barbeque Misting Shade China Pat. No. ZL201730160032.2

Trampoline Frame Connector China Pat. No.  ZL201721278304.X

Pulley Top Enclosure Pole China Pat. No. ZL201721240391.X




Trampoline Game Europe Pat. No. 2572762



Trampoline Swing U.S. Pat. No. 7,909,738 

Playground Slide U.S. Pat. No. 8,651,970

Swing Tag Game U.S. Pat. No. 8,651,971

Swing Game U.S Pat. No. 8,651,983

Playground Slide U.S. Pat. No. 8,651,970

Slingshot Bouncer U.S. Pat. No. 8,747,240

Slingshot Seat U.S Pat. No. 8,863,731

Trampoline Swingset Suspension U.S Pat. No. 9,132,307

Asymmetric Swing U.S. Pat. No. 9,468,296 

Swingset Suspension U.S Pat. No. 9,550,085

Rounded Hammock U.S. Pat. No.  9,713,372

Spinner Swing U.S Pat. No. 9,802,132

Combination Trampoline and Swing U.S Pat. No. D718,827

Asymmetric Swing U.S. Pat. No. D769,393



Hexagonal Trampoline China Pat. No. ZL201130052348.2 

Balloon Inflating Trampoline China Pat. No. ZL201120219316.1

Swing Ball Game China Pat. No. ZL201220521474.7

Slingshot Seat Intl. Pat. No. ZL201220521524.1

Slingshot Bouncer China Pat. No.  203790587U

Swing Tag Game China Pat. No. 203620228U

Trampoline Swingset Suspension China Pat. No. 203591588U

Asymmetric Swing China Pat. No. 205412200U

Bouncer Swing China Pat. No. 204671885U

Rounded Hammock China Pat. No. ZL201621456840.X

Playground Slide China Pat. No. 103505877A



Playground Slide China Pat. No. 2815606




 Inflatable Slide U.S. Pat. No. 6,648,767 

Air Closure U.S Pat. No. 6,679,811 

Inflatable Basketball Structure U.S Pat. No. 6,918,846

Inflatable Basketball Structure U.S Pat. No. 7,052,417

Turbulent Tassel Chamber U.S Pat. No. 7,335,109

Inflatable Trampoline Pad U.S Pat. No. 9,283,419

Safety fence for trampoline U.S Pat. No. D433,725

Air Inflatable Trampoline U.S Pat. No. D462,103

Air Inflation Trampoline U.S Pat. No. D478,955

Inflatable Trampoline Pad with Enclosure U.S. Pat. No. D717,899

Pool Slide U.S Pat. No. D730,469

Inflatable Slide U.S Pat. No. D730,470

Inflatable See Saw U.S Pat. No. D736,882




Self Inflating Pool China Pat. No. 201802092U

Inflatable Trampoline Pad with Enclosure China Pat. No. 303533413S

Glove Gun China Pat. No. ZL201520231688.4



Playhouse Kit U.S. Patent No. 8,747,183 




Playhouse Kit China Pat. No. 202983232U

Playhouse China Pat. No.. 204782107U



Tablet Docking Station U.S. Patent No. 9,645,611

Barbeque Misting Shade U.S Pat. No. D825,220



Table Tennis Caddy U.S. Pat. No. 8,157,677

Table Tennis Basketball Table U.S Pat. No. 8,210,968
Table Tennis Table U.S. Pat. No. D714,411 




Table Tennis Basketball Table China Pat. No. ZL201120219311.9

Table Tennis Caddy China Pat. No. 202777682U

Table Tennis Safety Lock China Pat. No. 202919426U




Table Tennis Basketball Table Intl. Pat. No. 2011204863



Spine Stretch Machine U.S Pat. No. 7,575,541

Multiple Mode Massage Chair U.S Pat. No. 7,713,220

Shoulder Massage Chair U.S Pat. No. 7,914,471

Fluid Chamber Inflatable Apparatus U.S Pat. No. 7,914,471

Tablet Docking Station U.S Pat. No. 9,645,611

Folding Chair U.S Pat. No. D683,155

Ergonomic Bench U.S Pat. No. D726,425




Basketball Hockey Table China Pat. No. 202715217U

Tablet Docking Station China Pat. No. 205540435U

Swing Chair China Pat. No. 204812869U

Sprinkler Mat China Pat. No. ZL201721420778.3





WATERPARC FUNTAIN JET® (Reg. No. 5,910,442)

MY 1ST WATERPARK® (Reg. No. 5,897,301)

BATTLEZONE® (Reg. No. 5,412,887)

STEELFLEX PRO® (Reg. No. 5,842,153)

STLFLXX® (Reg. No. 4,667,641)

BLUPOD® (Reg. No. 5,837,369)

JET MAT® (Reg. No. 5,461,090)

TAKEOFF STATION® (Reg. No. 5,580,860)

MY 1ST JUMP N SLIDE® (Reg. No. 5,400,667)

MY 1ST BOUNCER® (Reg. No. 5,388,378)

ELECTRON SHOOTER® (Reg. No. 4,485,308)

AIR CLOSURE® (Reg. No. 5,039,534)

MY 1ST JUMP N PLAY® (Reg. No. 4,488,634)

MY 1ST WATER SLIDE® (Reg. No. 4,931,312)

JUMP"N"SWING® (Reg. No. 4,160,998)

MY 1ST TRAMPOLINE® (Reg. No. 3,996,849)

BOUNCEPRO® (Reg. No. 3,725,359)

FLASH LITEZONE® (Reg. No. 3,449,173)

 MY FIRST TRAMPOLINE® (Reg. No. 3,448,852)

FLY SLAMA JAMA® (Reg. No. 2,949,211)

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