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Why trampoline anchors are worth the investment

Trampolines are a fun form of outdoor entertainment and exercise, but strong winds that move or carry away your favorite products can put a damper on outdoor fun. This is why we recommend always using trampoline anchors to keep your product safely in place when not in use. Sportspower now carries water anchors that are sold by our authorized parts dealer. They are easy to use (just add water!) and can resist wind speeds up to 20 miles per hour. If you prefer to use in-ground anchors, the recommended minimum depth is 18 inches. The anchors should be strapped onto the product and be checked regularly. Please keep in mind that anchors are meant to help with winds, but in the case of extreme weather conditions, we do recommend disassembling and storing your trampoline. For more information on product anchors, please visit our Recommendation page.


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