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Trampoline Springs vs Bands

The trampoline market has experienced some revolutionary changes over the decades. For one, there are more options for trampoline designs; some have enclosure nettings while others don’t, but any personal preferences that consumers have are met.

One frequently asked question we receive is “What’s the difference between trampolines with springs versus trampolines with bands as well as springless or free of springs.

Springs: This style includes springs that attach the mat to the frame enclosure and create tension and rebound for the user when jumping on the mat.

Springless: This style is usually constructed from elastic bands that connect the mat to the frame enclosure, allowing the user to rebound on the surface.

These two different styles are still fun ways to enjoy a trampoline. The spring version is the classic style that has been trusted for years while the version that are free of springs is a newer development that is starting to be more common in today’s trampoline market.


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