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First time trampoline owner-Safety Tips

Owning a trampoline is a fun and exciting experience for all, but jumping on a trampoline can be dangerous if not used properly. We want to give you a few tips on how to make your experience as fun and safe as possible. Our team has put together a list of the top 8 safety tips that all trampoline owners and users should know.

1) Product should be built on stable flat land: Building on unleveled land could result in the product tipping and easily injuring the user.

2) When building your product, you should have a minimum of ten feet between the product and any nearby power lines or trees: The greater the distance, the safer the user. Remember, power lines are everywhere, and they are extremely dangerous to anyone who comes in directly contact with them.

3) All products should be assembled securely before use: If the manual states a step in the assembly process is important, it is. Do not cut corners when assembling. Children are going to be excited about their product whether it is built in 30 minutes or 3 hours. Go at the pace that allows you to create the safest product possible.

4) Anchor the product down for added product stability during light to medium winds: Looking for a way to increase product stability? Trampoline anchors are a great way to keep your product securely in place.

5) Stunts should never be performed on the product: Leave the stunts to the pros. Your children are in a world where viral videos are everywhere, and children love to emulate those they look up to. Please keep in mind that they are trained professionals and those stunts should not be performed at home.

6) Stay near the center jump zone at all times: The center jump zone was created to guide users toward the jump zone center and away from the sides where they can possibly be harmed.

7) Only one user permitted at a time: To avoid collisions and accidents, we recommend that you keep your product to a maximum of one user at a time.

8) Adult supervision is recommended at all times: We all love to watch our children playing and having fun. This is one of the many reasons we ask that you supervise all product use. It also helps you monitor how they use the products and ensure that they are having the safest experience possible.


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