Model #FVXA1006

Weight: 243 Lbs.
Dimensions: 15′ Diameter x 36″H
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Time flies when you are outdoors having fun with the kids on one of the larger trampolines on the market. This trampoline is 15′ round from outside diameter; it is 36″ off the ground. The frame is made with galvanized steel with a patented frame weld design to provide stability. The jumping mat is made with grade A polypropylene weather resistant materials. The frame pad is thick to provide additional safety. This 15 foot Trampoline and Enclosure combination is for children 6 years and older. Do not allow multiple jumpers/users; do not do somersaults/back flips as serious injury could occur. Exceeds and/or meets ASTM standards.


  • Base measures 15 feet in diameter by 36 inches high.
  • Frame made of galvanized steel.
  • Shipping weight is 243 Lbs.
  • Product Dimensions (in inches):107.0 x 50.0 x 42.0

Customer Testimonials:

  • Best outdoor toy ever !! – I love this , takes me back to my childhood . I got this for my 6 yr old last yr . He loves it !! I had a surprise baby who is now 1 . He loves playing on it also . It can be closed up with the enclosure that is attached to the matt. I think it is even better for my 1 yr old . He plays by him self with toys & with the sprinkler on. Best & safest way for you baby to play outside !!
    – Review on ToysRus.com
  • A great form of exercise! – This trampoline was easy enough for my 12-year-old son and I to set up, enclosure and all! It is perfectly bouncy (we have been on some that aren’t very bouncy) and big enough for older kids to use. The kids weren’t willing to go outside in the summer heat but now they are quite happy to ignore the weather in favor of some fun exercise!
    – Review on ToysRus.com
  • Lifesaver for energetic triplet kids – I have 7 yr old triplets and 2 grandchildren (7 and 5) so it’s like I have quintuplets.
    If you have the outdoor space and have young children, this is a must. We’ve had ours for 3 years. The ONLY time they don’t use it is when it is wet from snow or rain.
    We placed in backyard so we can always watch them. And, we setup strict rules:
    no foreign objects in trampoline EVER
    barefoot or shoes due to slippage (ie no socks)
    no wrestling
    take turns jumping in middle
    ALWAYS zip net up when inside
    This was a gift because we couldn’t afford it at the time. If I was a queen, I’d give every family one.
    We keep up year round. Keep track of size because you’ll need a replacement net after 3 years.
    – Review on ToysRus.com